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Home Comfort Healthcare Limited

Supported Living

Say Yes to independence. We assist individuals with learning disabilities, autism, physical disabilities, or mental health needs in leading more fulfilling, independent lives by offering exceptional support.

Our high-quality supported living facilities provide a stable and welcoming environment for vulnerable individuals in need of assistance. We place a great value on providing outstanding care and support to individuals who use our services. This is accomplished through a multidisciplinary approach that includes collaboration with other healthcare professionals and puts our service users and their loved ones at the centre of the process. We aim to promote happy lifestyles for individuals by giving them as many alternatives and control over their lives as possible in the least restrictive way possible.

When it comes to delivering care and assistance, our teams of support workers, team leaders, and managers pay great attention to the smallest things, resulting in exceptional service. As a result, we are quite pleased with the quality of care and attention that our care staff delivers to the people in our care. Our employees go through ongoing training to help them get more relevant skills and qualifications that will allow them to help customers with a wider range of care needs in the future.

We support individual of both gender aged 16 - 17 (Young Adults) & 18 - 65+ with the following conditions:

Mental Health Needs

We recognise that finding appropriate housing with the right support is a vital component of overcoming mental health issues.
The amount of assistance we provide varies depending on the needs and might range from a few hours per week to full-time or extensive assistance over a short period of time to help achieve a goal. We also encourage as much peer support as possible, since mutual support and a shared journey inspire people to change and grow together.

Mental health is something to which we can all relate, and it is something to which we offer assistance in all of our programmes. Our specialised mental health services help people who have been diagnosed with a mental health problems, such as anxiety and panic disorders, bipolar disorder, depression, or personality disorders.
People we assist achieve self-confidence and emotional well-being as a result of self-development and collaborative staff support on their path to independence and recovery.

Learning Disabilities

Our team specialises in providing Positive Behaviour Support to people with learning disabilities. Our team keeps track of our clients’ behavioural, emotional, and psychological needs. A holistic approach is applied, taking into account an individual’s life history, personality, physical health, and emotional requirements.
A care plan will be developed in collaboration with the individual, their family, and other healthcare specialists such as psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and so on. All care plans advocate for safety, consistency, and dependability.


Home Comfort Healthcare has taken a customised strategy that includes individuals with Autism, their families, and other healthcare experts to provide support and assist them in developing functional abilities and skills that improve the quality of their life. This enables the construction of a personalised treatment plan that is reviewed on a regular basis to reflect individual development and progress. These plans outline how each individual should be supported, their preferences, how to make their environment suited for them, and how to ensure that all of their requirements, whether physiological, physical, psychological, or emotional, are addressed.
We consider Sensory Assessments, Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists, and psychologists’ recommendations. We promote self-esteem and independence.

Physical Disabilities

We assist people with all forms of physical disabilities, whether temporary or permanent, inherited or acquired. We also have a lot of experience working with people who have cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries, amputation, multiple sclerosis, spina bifida, musculoskeletal injuries, and muscular dystrophy.

Many people who have physical disabilities often have other conditions such as learning disabilities, brain injuries, mental health issues, and other health requirements. Our knowledgeable personnel are qualified and experienced in assisting those who have a variety of challenging demands.

All of the assistance we provide is fully tailored to each client. We offer a range of services, from a few hours per week to 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our programmes are always tailored to each individual and those who are important to them, ensuring that we understand the problems they’ve already overcome, their present needs and desires, as well as their long-term goals. All of this information allows us to personalise what we do so that the people we help live happy, meaningful lives and continuously achieve positive outcomes connected to their own goals.

Our assistance plans are designed to be adaptable to a person’s changing requirements and abilities. We offer kind encouragement in order to foster confidence and independence. Any adjustments or adaptations to the way we support them are carefully discussed at regular feedback sessions with individuals, those who are important to them, and any appropriate care professionals. We make certain that everyone’s feedback and wishes are heard, and that everyone is kept up to speed and engaged with the development and triumphs.

Our Support Plans:

We make certain that everyone receives a personalised care and support plan over which they have control and may collaborate with our team and their family. Our assistance programmes are based on the Outcomes Star Model, which is approved by the Department of Health. The Outcomes Star Model focuses on the following areas:

  • Managing mental health Improving living skills
  • Building and maintaining social connections
  • Developing independence

The support plan will include:

  • Financial management and tenancy.
  • Spending time with friends and family.
  • Assistance with attending appointments
  • Hobbies or interests that you enjoy.
  • College attendance, job placements, and training possibilities
  • Advice and advocacy
  • Domestic and living skills such as cooking and cleaning are being developed.
  • Getting out and about in the neighbourhood
  • Keeping safe and healthy
  • Emotional support
  • Assistance in gaining access to other services.

In need of supported living? Please get in touch with us. Our care team will respond quickly and do everything possible to care for and support you during your predicament.


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