Head Office: 20B Corby Business Centre, Eismann Way, Corby Northamptonshire NN17 5ZB   0153 629 1907 / O736 120 8048
Branch: Home Comfort Healthcare, Room 30 Curzon House, Curzon Street DE14 2DH   0744 477 5781

Do you want to be a part of our team?

So, you're interested in being a member of our team?

Care giving is a vocation for the vast majority of people. At Home Comfort Healthcare, we will give you all the assistance you will need to achieve your goal successfully. Joining our network means becoming a part of a company culture that prioritises the needs of our clients. Using an open and honest communication style, we collaborate and support one another. Everyone will find something to their liking here, whether they are seeking for part-time work or the beginning of a long-term professional path.

Come and work with our highly trained and experienced team.

We are aware of the physical and mental strains that our care workers are subjected to in the course of their work as skilled care providers. We place a high value on our commitment to our team, just as we place a high value on our commitment to our employers.

Our recruitment service has two basic objectives: to supply professional, experienced individuals who are well-trained and effective in their responsibilities; and to provide qualified candidates for available positions.

Having clearly defined procedures in place to assist all employees in obtaining equitable working conditions in all jobs is essential.


Submit an application

You can register and submit your application online, by mail, or in person at one of our locations. We will get in touch with you to set up an interview.


Attend a Scheduled Interview

During our meeting, we will go through your experience and qualifications with you. We will also check your identification and take a professional photograph for your ID and online profile.


Begin Working

When we have examined your references and determined that you fulfil our requirements, we will post your staff profile, and you will be able to start working immediately after that.