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Night Care

Night care is when a carer stays in your house overnight to help you keep your daily routine. Night Care gives people access to skilled specialists all night long to help with even the most difficult care needs.


Our nursing-led carers also provide night care so that you or your loved one can slumber peacefully throughout the night time hours.

If you or a loved one is uncomfortable being left alone at night, you may require night care. One of our fully trained night carers is available to help with things like going to the bathroom, giving medications, and moving the bed.

Because every individual and circumstance is unique, our night care is customised to your needs. With a dedicated night carer, assistance is always available. It means you or a loved one can remain in your own home—the most comfortable location.

It can be intimidating to admit that attention is required. Let us set your mind at ease; contact our helpful team to learn how we can assist you.

Why would I require overnight care?

Night care can alleviate your or a loved one’s fear of being alone at night. But it also helps in numerous other ways, including:

  • Support with administering medication through the night.
  • Assisting with bathroom breaks
  • Regular assistance with changing position in bed, especially after a surgery or injury
  • Our nursing-led team can assist with complex care requirements.
  • Better overall health due to the ability to sleep through the night.
  • Someone available for persons with progressive diseases, such as a kind of dementia
  • Having someone nearby provides your family with additional peace of mind.

Finding dependable night care is sometimes the determining factor in allowing people to remain in their own homes rather than contemplating residential care.

What our Night care offers?

Nightly assistance from your live-in carer – a restful night

If you receive 24-hour care from a live-in carer, he or she will also be ready to assist you overnight.

This is known as a “sleep night” for the carer. This means they can support you up to twice per night so that they can continue supporting you the following day.

Your carer is still available to assist you if you wake more frequently than this each night. If it becomes a regular occurrence, however, we can discuss making adjustments to better suit your needs.

A Waking Night Carer-Support throughout the night

A waking night demands the carer to remain awake throughout the night to assist with any care needs that may arise. Night care can be provided at regular times throughout the night, with the carer performing nightly duties and using other time to complete important domestic tasks.

This is known as a “waking night” since the carer will be on duty throughout the night. You have discretion over the duration of their use. We can arrange for one of our professional carers to assist you if you require extensive assistance at multiple points throughout the night, such as waking up disoriented or requiring regular assistance in changing positions or taking medication.

Night-time respite for another carer – our sitting service

We also offer a sitting service and a night-time respite service. Here, we arrange for a skilled carer to keep you or a loved one company while your normal carer takes a break.

If you want to determine if night care is right for you, our night-time respite service could be a perfect temporary solution.

In need of night care? Please get in touch with us. Our care team will respond quickly and do everything possible to care for and support you during your predicament.


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