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Companionship Care

Companionship is one of our most popular services at Home Comfort Healthcare, spanning a wide range of caring activities. This makes it an excellent choice when you need a little assistance to stay at home but don’t require complex care giving.

Our companionship services support you or a loved one when you are unable to live safely and comfortably at home. This type of home care includes a variety of fundamental duties and activities that you may find challenging to complete on your own. In other cases, these impediments may put you or a loved one at risk of losing independence. However, with companionship, you can retain your routines and age in place.

Why companionship is important for elderly?

When most people think of home care, they immediately think of medical assistance. However, there is an important non-medical component of health and happiness: social connection and a sense of belonging.

As we get older, everyday tasks can become more difficult to complete, and we tend to lose a lot of the physical connections and social bonds that we once had. Most people will find this situation difficult.

Isolation and feelings of loneliness can have a wide range of negative consequences, including illness and an increased risk of death. While connecting digitally can be beneficial, it is no substitute for in-person human connection. Having a social support network improves mental health outcomes and increases longevity in seniors.

Companionship care is for people who are at risk of becoming lonely or who have been lonely for a long time. A carer companion will visit your loved one’s home and spend time with them, assisting them with simple tasks, playing games, and possibly encouraging them to go out and about.


At Home comfort Healthcare, we will provide you and your loved ones with a compassionate carer that sincerely cares about you and your wellbeing. Our Carers give you basic respect, dignity and offer stability.


What are the benefits of companionship?

  • Avoid social isolation.
  • Assistance with daily tasks and mobility.
  • Maintain social skills.
  • Increase a sense of purpose;
  • Encourage healthy mental stimulation;
  • Stimulate positive thoughts and interactions;
  • Engage in memory exercises such as reminiscing.

In need of companion care? Please get in touch with us. Our care team will respond quickly and do everything possible to care for and support you during your predicament.


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